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Don’t know which visa is the best fit for your My Franchise USA dream?

We develop personalized solutions for any and all circumstances that may stand between you and your dream. Taking into consideration your Family, Financial, and Future concerns–we will unite to decide which Investor Visa is the ideal fit for you!

Before you decide which type of visa (E-2, EB-5, L-2, or others) is best for you, the first consideration you must take into account involves your family. Will your children immigrate? Do you wish to live here permanently? How soon do you need to immigrate? Matters such as relocation urgency and family needs can seem like very complicated concerns to confront before having a plan in place to move. Once you’ve decided what is best for your family, the matters simplify themselves. Because every immigrant’s circumstances are different–My Franchise USA takes a person-first approach to all our consulting services. This is no “one right way” to immigrate to America and become the owner of a successful Franchise…but there are some proven methods that we have seen work time and time again. Click Here to learn more about My Franchise USA’s Investor Visa Options!

How much can you afford to contribute to your start-up or new business venture? Some investor work visas require a minimum $1 Million investment, while others require a high number of active employees.

If you aren’t able to afford these high-commitment Investor Visas, have no fear–there are other options! More often than not, we help entrepreneurs obtain E-2 visas. The E-2 is the most commonly utilized investor visa, the lowest money investment, and also the easiest to obtain.

To secure an E-2 visa, there isn’t a pre-determined amount that you have to invest, all you have to do is have a real business that contributes a substantial benefit to the US economy. To put it simply, you need to be able to make money and provide jobs to the workforce.

Rest assured, if you wish to own a Franchise in America, you don’t have to spend a ton of money hiring people and you don’t have to arrive with a million dollar investment. Depending on the country, the E-2 is the most flexible and quickest visa to get!

Every family, every franchise, every business and every dream is different. We help our clients choose an investor visa that suits ALL of their needs. First, we offer you a free consultation to not only assess you business dreams, but also your family’s future needs. During this visit, big questions will come into play, not only for yourself and your spouse–but your children and their futures as well. From this process, I will become your Personal Project Manager. Armed with all of the resources, attorney and CPA connections, and government contacts needed to ensure a smooth and trouble-free process, My Franchise USA ensures that that every document is filed on-time and accurately.

You should not have to wait any longer for your dream to come true–and now, you won’t have to…

Getting an investor visa is one of the paths to legal immigration in the US.

The purpose of this page is to dispel the myths and inaccuracies around the US investor visa.  We work with experienced immigration attorneys that have a track record of success in helping foreign investors with their immigration project. We refer you to trusted and experienced immigration attorneys to discuss your specific case and what option is better for you.

There are different flavors of US investor visas, the three that can be used while starting a business in the US are listed below.

1. E-2 Treaty Visa

E-2 Visa Requirements are extremely Flexible but can be very restrictive as well.

  • Only citizens that have a trade treaty with the US qualify for this visa. The list of qualifying countries can be found on this page.
  • The investor needs to have at least 50% ownership of the business.
  • The investor needs to be personally involved in the business, he needs to be in a position to develop and direct the enterprise.
  • Although there is not a determined sum for the investment, the investment cannot be marginal, it needs to be substantial.
Typically a professional business plan must be included to demonstrate that the business is viable and more than marginal. The E-2 visa does not give an access to a green card, but it is indefinitely renewable.

Click Here for a Free Infographic about E-2 Visas

2. L-1 Visa

The L-1 visa Intracompany Transferee can be used when working for at least a year in the past 3 years for a foreign business entity that has a related business in the US. The transferee need to be a manager, an executive or have specialized knowledge.

The foreign company will continue to do business and the new business will be active and operating shortly after the investor arrival. The L-1 visa needs to be renewed after the first year and the number of renewals are limited. However the company can eventually sponsor the investor for a green card.

3. EB-5 Visa

Under the EB-5 program, entrepreneurs are eligible to apply for a green card if they make a necessary investment to a commercial enterprise in the US and they plan to create or preserve 10 permanent full-time jobs for qualified U.S. workers.

The current required minimum investment as of 12/1/2016 is $1,000,000 and $500,000 in Targeted Employment Areas (High Unemployment or Rural Area). Visit this page for more information about the EB-5 Visa.

If you have any questions about which visa is the best fit for your American Business Dream–contact us today for a free consultation.

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