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Pat Swisher, the CEO of Enviro-masters, sanitation and cleaning franchise, gave me the definition of the 6 criteria of the perfect business :

  1. Low capital requirements
  2. Recession resistant
  3. Unlimited growth
  4. Minimum competition
  5. Will never be updated by technology
  6. Provides a residual income

Maintenance based companies usually fulfill most of these criteria and typically are doing very well financially, all other things being equal, including the will to succeed from the business owner, enough capital to sustain the business.

Granted, maintenance is not very sexy. I have seen the owners of maintenance businesses at networking events. They do not get the excitement and the frill during the discussions, however, they still get the business after the networking event is over. Everybody clings preciously to their business cards.

Why ? Because no matter what, those services are needed.

Need to rent or sell your house ? The first thing you do is to paint the interior or the exterior. You have a nice deck that needs cleaning ? You call a professional outdoor restoration service. You have carpets in your home that need to be cleaned ? You call a professional cleaning service. (No the retail cleaning machines that you buy do not do a good job). Something breaks in your home and you do not know how to fix it ? You call the local handyman company and your problems are solved.

So if you are looking to start a business but you do not know what to pick, choose a franchise in the maintenance industry. The business will always be there, there is no sending those activities overseas !

So are you ready to know more about this solid industry and find the right franchise for you ? Contact us for a free consultation, we’ll help you find the perfect franchise for you !